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After sale serviceAdded value

Our after sale service is a strong added value. You can always count on our team of experts who will support your project, its start up, troubleshooting and other adjustments or repairs required, technical assistance or management of spare parts.


Project managementIntegrated systems

Hydralfor offers more than industrial equipment. We offer a complete set of products and services which forms a consistent whole for its customers. Hydralfor offers a range of systems tailored to its customers needs.


IntegrationReturn on investments

Hydralfor allows a better return on investment at all stages of the project: installation, storage, maintenance and operations. The integration of our services with those of its customers is complete.

«We definitely saved 15%, even 20% on installation costs with the Hydralfor conveyors compared to the installation of other conveyors on the Pointe-Noire project. The way the conveyors are supplied is resulting that less work is required when they are installed on site»

Denis Rivière, Site Manager for KLS (CLM Pointe-Noire)

We design and manufacture
complete projects.

The customer does not have to worry about anything and can focus on its operations. We use computerized project schedules as a working tool to ensure a better monitoring of deadlines