Imagine effective and efficient solutions


Engineering is at the heart of our business success

The work of our engineering team is part of the projects life cycle process. It collaborates with our procurement, design and production teams to achieve optimal project results


Our engineering department gives the most added value to your projects

When you entrust a project to Hydralfor, nothing is taken lightly due to our wide range of expertise, our determination and imagination. Our team knows how to be creative and has the ability to generate original and worthwhile solutions. This increases the value of your return on investment

Everything which is produced by Hydralfor :

Is conceived, designed and manufactured to suit a perfect integration with the needs, production and management systems of its clients: technical and human integration, tight management of costs and expenses and even more. In a way, Hydralfor becomes an extension of the client company


«We definitely saved 15%, even 20% on installation costs with the Hydralfor conveyors compared to the installation of other conveyors on the Pointe-Noire project. The way the conveyors are supplied is resulting that less work is required when they are installed on site»

Denis Rivière, Site Manager for KLS (CLM Pointe-Noire)

«The products manufactured by Hydralfor are of high quality, there is no non-compliance and delivery schedules are always respected.»

Chantal Pichette, STAS