Exceed expectations
in terms of delivery



Strong of an extensive experience in the aluminum sector, Hydralfor has the ability to offer solutions combining an increased productivity and reduced costs



  • Alumina handling systems
  • Conveyors for handling wet bauxite
  • Beltwall conveyors
  • Start up and operation tools
  • Smelters
  • Crucibles bath
  • Various tools and equipment
  • Crucibles repair


  • We are proud to offer to our customers reliable and fast deliveries, which enable you to reduce downtime for maintenance or repair of equipment

«We definitely saved 15%, even 20% on installation costs with the Hydralfor conveyors compared to the installation of other conveyors on the Pointe-Noire project. The way the conveyors are supplied is resulting that less work is required when they are installed on site»

Denis Rivière, Site Manager for KLS (CLM Pointe-Noire)