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our structures are designed with a minimum of 15 % of additional resistance

Our structures are designed with a minimum of 15% additional resistance than required by construction standards or customer requirements. This results in a better product reliability, increased durability, a more rigid structure, a better behavior towards environment and the possibility to increase capacity beyond the original condition

Savings :

All the equipment we produce are pre-assembled at the factory for an easier assembly on site.

Savings of pre-assembly at factory

An internal study demonstrated that Hydralfor assembles 20% more components on its conveyors structures.  Generally the components assembling requires 1.6 hours per meter of length. Considering that on site assembly requires twice longer than at the factory, the saving is:

1.6 h x2 x 20% x92 $* 58.88$ /m * hourly rate of construction
Exemples :

For a project of 750 meters of conveyors, savings on construction costs are  :

750 x 58.88$/m = 44160$

The installation of 6 meters conveyor section inside a tubular gallery requires 12hr / worker and two workers for a 6m section, in addition to the rental cost of the crane to handle the load.

Labor 12hr x 2 workers x 96$/hr = 2304$
Lifting Equipment 4500$/month / 160hr/month x 14hr/Sector = 393.75$
Sector Cost       2697.75$

For a 171 meters length conveyor, the saving is :

2697.75$ / 6m x 171m = 76885.88$