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The knowledge and the manufacturing expertise gained by Hydralfor since 1999 in the forestry field and sawmills enable us to design and produce reliable, long lasting and robust equipment, which will help you to optimize your operations



  • Lumber stackers
  • Log sorter
  • Automated bin sorter
  • Planer outfeed
  • Chip conveyors
  • Chipper system
  • Vibrating conveyors


Our integrated systems pre-assembled at the factory allow you to maximize the value of your assets and optimize your production.

Hydralfor offers you more than just an equipment, we offer you an added value and the peace of mind

We work with
primary suppliers equipment
suppliers to provide
turnkey solutions.

«Hydralfor knows how to manage priorities and ensure that everything is delivered on time. The just in time delivery gives a helping hand in case of delays or changes occur in the project.»

Jean-Philippe Proulx, Cliffs Natural Resources

“Hydralfor is a strong provider at all levels. We are extremely satisfied with the technical advices and knowledge they provide. The engineering team definitely understands the required standards.”

Jean-Philippe Proulx, Cliffs Natural Resources