Adapt to meet your needs of
replacement products in the industrial sector


Substitutes and machine rebuilding

We design and manufacture replacement products and equipment for all your projects, whether it is to modernize your facilities or improve your existing equipment. Moreover, we can clean your damaged equipment, repair, repaint and change those that are beyond repair


Structural steel

We design and manufacture various structural elements to meet all your needs, such as cross beams for high-voltage lines or prefabricated buildings to protect related equipment. We also manufacture various custom tools. All these products are manufactured and pre-assembled at the factory and delivered to the site


Hydralrail industrial handrails

Complying with safety standards and the National Building Code standards, our handrails are versatile, easy to handle and to install. They are clean, safe, environmentally friendly and reusable. They are built in one piece and a wide variety of accessories is available. Our powder coating system ensures the best quality and durability . Download our catalogue.

Our industrial solutions adapted to your needs enable you :

To reduce purchasing, engineering and design associated costs. The strength of Hydralfor engineering team optimizes projects with companies in charge of the project, thus reducing delays and avoiding costly mistakes.

«The products manufactured by Hydralfor are of high quality, there is no non-compliance and delivery schedules are always respected.»

Chantal Pichette, STAS

«The products provided by Hydralfor are well assembled with quality material. In addition, factory assembly allowed us to reduce significantly the cost of projects».

Jean-Philippe Proulx, Cliffs Natural Resources